C.ommunities H.elping O.ur I.ntelligent C.hildren E.nvision S.uccess 

  • Mentoring
  • Advising
  • Health & Wellness
  • Community Outreach
  • Life Skills

The youth of today, are the leaders of tomorrow. In order to make this a reality an intentional investment in our youth is necessary. The founders of Align Community have joined together to facilitate the development and empowerment of these future leaders. The organization has identified five (5) key elements to success: Mentoring, Advising, Community Outreach, Health & Wellness, and Spiritual Guidance. Through a variety of programming efforts they are preparing the next generation to lead.

Our flagship program, Rites of Passage, was originally designed in the African tradition of teaching young men the life skills necessary to be productive, impactful members of their community. Based on the core principles that men should actively protect, provide and guide their communities this program has already paid dividends since its implementation two decades ago. Carnell Troutman has been on the frontlines to equip our children for a prosperous future for decades, and has been a tireless advocate on behalf of the youth. He and his wife, Barbara Troutman, have designed a program that evolves with the changing times while remaining centered in timeless values. The mentorship provided by the facilitators of this program, coupled with the advisement the youth share with each other creates an environment that will help to diminish many ills faced in our community.

Through the knowledge gained facilitating the Rites of Passage Program the founders realized that more was needed to truly prepare the youth in the local community. Hoping to fill the gaps identified in the educational system we are making one-on-one tutoring programs available, as well as access to resources that many economically challenged students do not have access to. This program designed by Ronda Campbell, a licensed and tenured educator, will give our children the boost they need to meet and exceed their educational goals.

Another area of concern in our community has been the health of our children. Many of our youth lack access to proper nutrition. The result has been a rise in juvenile obesity as well as diabetes. To combat this growing health crisis we have implemented a health and wellness program to teach these young people the importance of physical activity and proper diet.

The future requires our children to have a firm grasp on technology, and we are making that knowledge available to them. One of our founders, Daryl Wade, is a pillar in the technology sector and knows the skills these young people will need to succeed in their careers. He has designed a program that will not only prepare them for the future but teach them skills they can apply immediately in their everyday lives and schoolwork.

Pastor Kevin Fisher, with over 30 years of experience in ministry, has spearheaded our Spiritual Guidance program. Hoping to instill in our youth an understanding of different cultures and various religions. The purpose of this program is to assist youth with understanding the often sought deeper meanings of life as well as helping them to better define their purpose in life. The youth will learn in this program the inner-connectedness of all human beings, and with this knowledge be better prepared to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds. With an emphasis on empathy and understanding, the skills gained from this course will result in a more unified and tolerant community.

What makes Align Community unique is our youth advisory board. Most organizations designed for youth never ask youth for their input. Each program described above has been, and will continue to be, created in partnership with our youth advisory board. The young people selected for this board are given the opportunity to utilize the skills they have gained to make a difference now. This opportunity to be instrumental in the structure and organization of Align Community provides them with an added skill set that will make them seasoned leaders in the future. Through community outreach all of the children who pass through Align Community will make a direct impact locally. Though the facilitators will organize the community outreach, the youth will conduct and execute these tasks. Every child who participates will not only be equipped with vital life skills but will put those skills to work.