As a result of COVID-19, and a Department of Education saddled with a lack of resources, many of our local youth are not properly equipped for success. As the world continues to transition virtually it is necessary that our youth have the same advantages as others. Owning their own computers is just a small step in filling that gap. Combined with training on basic computer knowledge, basic coding, document preparation, graphic design and other pertinent skills we will help to make sure that our children are able to compete in the world and be successful.

Through a generous donation made by TEAM Consultants, Align Community was able to purchase eighteen (18) Chromebooks for distribution. These computers will be given to children in families that lack the financial resources to provide their children with computers. Though the local schools provide children with computers during the school year, these children will not have the ability to further hone their skills through the summer. We feel that it is critical that these children have that opportunity.

In addition to the laptop distribution, we are currently designing a Tech program for youth. The designer of this program, Daryl Wade, is an accomplished technology professional with decades of success and knowledge to share. These programs will teach them how to utilize the computer as a tool for learning, and possibly assist them in exploring careers in technology. The United States Virgin Islands needs new industries, and these children will spearhead those industries.

Align Community aims to empower and develop our local youth. Something as simple as a computer can have a powerful impact on the trajectory of these young people. What they receive is much more than a laptop. They are learning that there is a community that supports them and is willing to invest in them. They learn ownership and responsibility. Through these computers they will be able to access information that could broaden their view of what is possible. These laptops will provide hope and encouragement for these young people.